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The 105,000 square foot East End Maker Lab coming Fall 2023 will catalyze growth in Houston’s emerging Biomanufacturing and Biotech Manufacturing industries. This project will include both a Biotech Accelerator and Biotech Incubator along with over 71,000 square feet of flex lease space for accelerator cohorts, other biotech startups and small established bio/biotech manufacturing companies. A 10,000 SF Auditorium/Convention Center will accommodate meetings, symposiums and industry specific demonstrations and get togethers. The campus will also include a café, day care center and 120 apartments. 

The Maker Lab’s Biomanufacturing accelerator will advance cutting-edge bio-ventures by assisting entrepreneurs with venture capital infusion. The accelerator will provide support to fully develop de-risking technologies and demonstrate and enabling commercial value toward its goal of launching the manufacturing stage and market success of the business. 

The Maker Lab will be enabling startups to move quickly by foster collaboration and provide affordable space with shared access to expensive industry critical equipment and engineering and scientific support through the nonprofit East End Maker Lab incubator managed by TXRX Labs. 

The Maker Lab developer/sponsors are Urban Partnerships CDC (UP CDC), nonprofit and TXRX Labs nonprofit that jointly recently developed the 306,000 Square foot East End Maker Hub (EEMH) which opened in February of 2021. After just one year, EEMH is 99% occupied and home to 50 advanced manufacturing companies including Biomanufacturing, Biotech manufacturing, Robotics and multiple other types of manufacturers. Over 300 new jobs have already been created at the Maker Hub and it is well on the way to create over 500 new jobs in total. UP CDC’s mission is to build wealth in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods through promoting job growth and expansion in industries that create both middle class jobs that do not require college degrees and high-end jobs as well. TXRX Labs is a nonprofit staffed by engineers and scientists providing shared equipment, ideation, prototyping and workforce development services. 


Bio/Biotech Accelerator

  • VC Capital
  • Ideation
  • Collaboration & Innovation
  • Commercialization Support
  • Legal Formation Support

Bio/Biotech Accelerator Cohort Space

  • 8,000 Square Feet
  • Start up / Cohort Space

Bio/Biotech Incubator

  • Specialized Shared Equipment
  • Engineer/Scientist Support
  • Cleanroom and Wetlabs

Bio/Biotech Flex Lease Space

  • 63,000 Square Feet
  • Flex Lease space

Auditorium / Convention Center

  • 10,000 Square Feet
  • Auditorium Convention Area

“Biology needs to be scaled in order to deliver the ultimate promise of transforming how we make things in the world. Scaling Biology will not be easy and requires significant CapEx. Maker Hub works with partners like First Bight to provide accelerator programs that combines physical equipment and experts to enable bio-startups develop scale up manufacturing operations in a capital efficient manner, while creating a community to foster collaboration. This is a model that can be replicated and scaled to fuel the growth of bio-manufacturing.

Furthermore, that is regulatory and tax friendly to business will enable start-ups to move quickly and cost competitively. Houston with MakerLabs will accelerate biomaufacturing to reality.”


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We want to support biomanufacturing companies from the earliest of stages as well as they grow through below-market, affordable workspaces, accelerator and incubator. We are collecting a nationwide list to show that there is a growing need for more spaces like this throughout Houston and rest of the country.

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