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A makerspace and manufacturing center for innovators, fabricators, manufacturers and crafters.

Lease space from 500-45,000 square feet in four distinct areas for various types of workspace needs.

A modern warehouse design at East End Maker Hub, depicted in an artist's rendering
A rendering of the East End Maker Hub Lobby
The East End Maker Hub Studio showcases a vast open space adorned with desks and tables
A visual representation of East End Maker Hub Studio, featuring a room with individuals at their desks
East End Maker Hub hallway


Rates Starting At

595 595 Crafting whitebox studio spaces 500-5,300 sq.ft.
585 585 Innovation whitebox lab and workshop 427-12,189 sq.ft.
895 895 Light Fabrication whitebox and production shop 1,000-30,000 sq.ft.
682 682 Heavy Fabrication shop space 853-45,000 sq.ft.
  • Sewing & Leatherwork
  • Ceramics & Glasswork
  • Printing & Painting
  • Jewelry Making
  • Whitebox studio spaces for lease starting at $595/month
  • Spaces available ranging from 500-5,300 square feet
  • Use utility sinks for rinsing and washing
  • Space is climate controlled for comfort with finished concrete floors and LED lighting
  • Neighboring crafters present collaboration and procurement opportunities
  • R&D and Prototyping
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics
  • Medical Manufacturing & Aerospace
  • Whitebox lab and workshop space starting at $585/month
  • Spaces available ranging from 427-7,191 square feet
  • The climate-controlled space offers heavy electrical service (up to 4,000 amps)
  • Access to confidential ideation support from in-house incubator, TXRX Labs
  • Host demo days and other events in the shared Innovation Lobby
  • Close proximity to shared conference rooms
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Light Woodworking
  • Light Machining
  • General Assembly
  • Whitebox and production shop spaces available starting at $895/month
  • Offers heavy electrical service (up to 225 amp per suite) and LED lighting
  • Utilities available include water, gas and sewage
  • Climate controlled space available for small-batch manufacturing ranging from 1,000-30,000 square feet
  • Access to material handling equipment and semi-truck loading docks
  • Welding
  • Heavy Woodworking
  • Large Sculpture
  • OEM
  • Rent starting at $682
  • Production shop space ranging from 853-45,000 square feet. (Note: no HVAC)
  • Offers heavy electrical service (up to 225 amp per suite) and LED lighting
  • Utilities available include water, gas and sewage
  • Access to material handling equipment and semi-truck loading docks


Space Amenities

300 300 square-foot facility
4 4 Distinct user sections for various types of makers
100 100 Built-to-suit spaces
2 2 On-site forklifts
15 15 wide hallways
22 22 Industrial height ceilings in Heavy Fabrication space
30 30 Types of prototype & production equipment
9 9 Loading docks with roll-up doors


Common Space

Enjoy shared reception areas, conference rooms, event and showcase space, mailroom, break rooms and public restrooms.

Building Features

With an ADA-compliant design, the building offers LED lighting and sprinkler systems throughout as well as ample electrical service, 10 to 15-ft-wide hallways and 22-ft industrial height ceilings (maximum clearance). All suites are WiFi-ready. Utilities available include water, gas and sewage.

Tenant Perks

Aside from 24/7 access to custom-built suites that cater to their specific needs, Maker Hub tenants benefit from a host of technical guidance, training services and rapid prototyping capabilities through our partnership with TXRX Labs.

Industrial Amenities

Tenants share access to nine semi-truck loading docks equipped with 10 to 14-ft grade level roll-up doors as well as on-site material handling equipment. Access to TXRX Labs’ in-house manufacturing shop, fitted out with a wide range of industrial machinery for heavy and light fabrication plus 3D printers, CNC-laser cutters and a full prototyping and testing lab.

Lease Pre-Proposal

We've streamlined our process to better serve our future tenants. After selecting your square footage and one of our areas, you will received a downloaded pre-prosal.

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> 1,000 SF

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