10 Reasons to Lease at the East End Maker Hub


Having the right workspace for your innovation, fabrication, or crafting business can help you grow and gain a competitive edge over other companies. Industrial amenities geared toward your specific production needs and plenty of space to scale operations are just a few things you’ll find at the new East End Maker Hub facility. Here are ten reasons to lease at The Hub:

1. Subdividable production space. Having a 300,000-sq-ft complex makes for simple social distancing and allows us to break up our makerspace into smaller sections, ranging from 500 to 45,000 square feet. Types of space include white box studios, innovation lab space and industrial workshop space for heavy and light fabrication.

2. Specially designed industrial amenities. The Hub has industrial amenities geared toward makers and manufacturers including 15-ft-wide hallways and 18-ft (minimum) ceilings throughout. Certain building sections offer heavy electrical service and shop sinks as well as access to TXRX Labs’ manufacturing machinery and technical expertise.

3. Simple transport and logistics. Moving materials and large scale products will be a breeze thanks to our nine shared semi-truck loading docks with 10-12 ft roll-up doors and on-site forklifts. Making shipping even simpler, the Maker Hub is conveniently located just one mile from the Port of Houston and in close proximity to an active cargo rail line.

4. Whitebox space. The ideal work space for artisans and craftsmen, each white box space comes ready with the basics—concrete floors, white walls, electric, water and HVAC—and offers a private studio space perfect for creative teams.

5. Innovation lab space. Most spaces do not have true accomodations for those in the hardware sector of cutting-edge technologies. The Maker Hub is different. Access on-site 3D printing, plus private suites and lab space for hardware innovation startups with R&D, prototyping and testing needs such as robotics, aerospace and medical device manufacturing companies.

6. Light & heavy fabrication space. Light fabrication tenants enjoy accommodations for general assembly, electronic assembly and light woodworking, while heavy fabrication tenants gain access to a full industrial production facility and machinery shop.

7. Affordable, sliding scale rents. Our flexible lease agreements are structured in accordance to what individual business owners can afford and help to lower overhead costs so that companies can increase production, hire more employees and grow at scale.

8. Benefit from collaboration, partnerships and referrals. The Hub Collective is the Maker Hub’s collaborative, creative community. Your fellow tenants include TXRX Labs, Waste Management’s corporate Research & Development team, Fashion Business Institute, Texas Injection Molding and more.

9. Access prototyping and testing equipment. The ability to streamline the process from ideation to production under one roof is crucial for developing industry-disrupting innovation and can help companies go to market faster. Innovation tenants enjoy a range of R&D, prototyping and testing equipment courtesy of TXRX Labs.

10. Contribute to a community wealth building project. The East End Maker Hub is decreasing barriers to manufacturing career pathways that enable residents in the East End to live, work, and thrive locally. Your company can help create equitable, grassroots economic stimulation and middle-income job opportunities in Houston’s historic Second Ward.

To learn more about leasing at the East End Maker Hub, visit eastendmakerhub.org/leasing and submit an inquiry today.

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