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Innovation Update: TXRX Labs Pivots to PPE Production

Houston’s fight against COVID-19 has been an inspiring example of ingenuity, resiliency and innovative problem-solving. Watching TXRX Labs, anchor of the East End Maker Hub, lead the way has proven the importance of nimble local manufacturing operations, something we’re proud to be a part of here in Houston.

As early as March when traditional supply chains began showing signs of collapse, TXRX, led by its president Roland von Kurnatowski, enlisted local East End makers to achieve an incredible pivot to address the urgent need for medical supplies and equipment. Since converting its production capabilities and job training programming to address local PPE (personal protective equipment) demand, TXRX has manufactured and distributed:

89,995 Face Shields (36,005 donated)
26,750 Cloth Face Masks (22,900 donated)
3,000 Halyard Procedure Masks (all donated)
2,200 SLA (3-D printed) Testing Swabs (all donated)
55 COVID Intubation boxes (14 donated)
35 Positive Air Pressure Respirators (all donated)
25 COVID Testing Shields (13 donated)
31 Qualitative Fit Testing Hoods (12 donated)
62 Sneeze Guards (all donated)

How did it all come together? TXRX worked with doctors and nurses at Memorial Hermann and Ben Taub hospitals to design and prototype various forms of PPE and equipment. After coming up with functional designs, these were made public so other entities or individuals with manufacturing capabilities could also contribute to the cause.

The impact of this initiative has been felt in the East End community through job creation, with over 100 positions created as a direct result of TXRX’s PPE manufacturing pivot. Seamstresses, CNC laser cutter operators, 3-D printer operators, assemblers, testing and quality control inspectors, and logistics and transport directors all came onboard as part of the initiative.

Keeping up with the needs of the ever-evolving situation, TXRX has expanded into contact tracing job training, aiming to deploy more in Harris County for this next phase of re-opening. Subscribe to the Hubdate for updates on the contact tracing job training program.

Want to be a part of creating innovative solutions here in Houston? Learn more about spaces and leasing options at the East End Maker Hub. For more information on TXRX Labs’ mission and programming, check out their website. You can also follow East End Maker Hub on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest.

TXRX is a funding partner for the East End Maker Hub, along with Urban Partnerships Community Development Corporation and Research Park, the People Fund, and Mccormack, Baron, Salazar.

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